[Replay] You are Light in the Darkness: Session Two

We are taught by all the true spiritual teachers from every line and every culture that the Divine is inside of us. We are counseled to cease our endless, fruitless and ultimately hopeless looking and questing outside of ourselves for what they know and teach us is waiting for our attention in the inner dimensions of our own being. In fact, the qualities we associate with authentic spirituality—calmness in the face of turmoil, compassion in the face of suffering, faith in the face of fear and forgiveness in the face of condemnation, judgment and vengeance—are indeed inside us. They each have their assigned place in your energy vehicle—your bodies—and more specifically in your heart. In this class you will be given a new and authentic view of your self—your bodies, your inner landscape, your inner being. You will then be guided to discover these spiritual qualities inside yourself and how to access and make use of them. Making these spiritual qualities into practical ones and helping you to take the next steps on your own path of transformation, healing, illumination and empowerment.

You are Light in the Darkness: Embodying Compassion, Faith and Forgiveness

Session Two: Activating the Universal Forces in Your Heart
  • Exploring the layers of the Heart and their inherent qualities:
    • Etheric body: Calmness
      • Everything goes better with calm
      • Where it is and how to access it
    • Emotional body: Compassion
      • It’s not just for the Dalai Lama
      • Where it is, what it’s for and how to access it
    • Mental body: Faith
      • It’s not about religion
      • The key to healing
      • Where it is
      • The altar of Faith
    • Spiritual body: Surrender
      • The mystery
  • Forgiveness
    • What’s present in the universe
    • What’s waiting in you:
      • Where it is and how to access it
    • What’s missing on earth
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